JamochaMUD, A Java MUD/Muck Client
(A Java MUD/Muck Client)

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What is JamochaMUD?

JamochaMUD is a program that is used to connect to multi-player on-line (text based) games known as MUDs, Mucks, Mushes, MOOs, and probably more acronymns that I can think of!

JamochaMUD is open source software written in Java. It offers Unicode, plug-in, and multi-language support to allow a more enjoyable MUCKing/MUDding experience. It features command history, synchronized window controls, experimental SOCKS 5 support, and greatly improved ANSI colour support. It plays nice on Unix systems, supports a wide range of MU*s, and also includes emulation of some TinyFugue editor controls. JamochaMUD will use either Java 1.1 or higher versions (automatically), and includes classes to be easily reused in other Java applications. Systems running later versions of Java will have more features available in JamochaMUD.

The hiatus has ended!

After what was probably been far too long, the latest version of JamochaMUD is now available! Though there may be few visible changes, a fair bit of work has gone on under the hood. Now that some of these core changes, fixes, and improvements have found their way into JMUD the focus should be on continuing to improve the client with more timely updates! JamochaMUD also now makes use of JUnit testing, which should help avoid the re-introduction of bugs that we thought previously squashed, and I've now painted it red so that it goes faster!

One item that is sorely broken right now is dictionary support. JamochaMUD previously handled MySpell dictionaries that were used by OpenOffice. Since the last release of JamochaMUD OpenOffice/LibreOffice has changed to a different standard for their dictionaries that doesn't work out-of-the-box with JamochaMUD. It seems like the most logical thing to hook our wagon to a big project like Open/LibreOffice, so I'll be checking out ways of fixing dictionary support as soon as possible.

MXP, yeah you know me

That's probably one of the worst headers ever, but it still doesn't dampen the announcement. Between weddings, home renovations, and a feigned alien abduction JamochaMUD has been updated again. Version 4.7 of JamochaMUD now supports basic MUD eXtension Protocol (MXP) based on libraries supplied by Rick Robinson of SlothMUD.

And with the addition of MXP, there have also been some other tweaks and upgrades to JamochaMUD. One of the more significant ones was the fixing of hyperlinks; they now look and act much more like what you would expect form a web browser, and should only get better from here on in, too.

As always, your feedback is appreciated, and we hope you enjoy using JamochaMUD!

There's something broken

Some of you may have noticed that both the JamochaMUD wiki and bug-tracker are currently out of order. The Wiki has been hacked one too many times so I'm currently looking at a different way of putting the JamochaMUD manual together. I'm open to suggestions on any (potentially collaborative) pieces of software to use. The bug-tracker seems to have a configuration error, but we're hoping to get that updated in short stead.

JamochaMUD 4.0 and its descendents!

Releases of JamochaMUD continue to roll out, as evidence of this new release of JamochaMUD. Code has been added that will soon allow for the understanding of different code pages which will lead to better language/output support (such as "Extended ASCII"). In addition, socks support has been fixed for all those that require it.

I'm always looking for things to fix things and enhance JamochaMUD, so if you see something that fits into one of those categories, feel free to use the bug-tracker (when it's working) or drop me an e-mail message!

Always developing, even for developers

To make things a little easier for developers, we've now made all the JamochaMUD GUI classes available as a separate jar-file. You can now include this jar-file in your own code to make use of items such as the JMSwingText and JMappedComboBox classes.

Feel free to wander over to the downloads page to grab the ready-to-use jar-file.

100% Free. Same as before, but now with it's official!

As of version 2.4, JamochaMUD has been awarded the SOFTPEDIA "100% FREE" AWARD.


Do you host a MUD or MUCK and like JamochaMUD? Now you can have JamochaMUD launch directly from your own web page and automatically load the MU* of your choice! For more details check out the instructions in the JamochaMUD wiki.

Please note that no dictionary files are included with the download of JamochaMUD. A sample English dictionary is available from the Jazzy page... I'm not certain where to find other languages at this time. A dictionary file is simply a plain-text list of words... so in a worst-case scenario, one could always create their own.

Back it up and take it with you!

In addition to having brand spanking new additions to the manual, JamochaMUD now offers the ability to back-up your settings to a single archive file, drag them to a different machine and / or operating system and restore them. Or heck, just clutter up floppies with them, too. It is entirely up to you!

Translators Wanted!

Do you enjoy using JamochaMUD, but wish it was available in your own language instead of just boring old English?

Well, have I got a deal for you! I'm looking for people to do translations of JamochaMUD and it is no more difficult than editing a text file. Yup, that's right, you don't even need a fancy-schmancy word processor or anything. Click here, if you'd like more details!


If you're having trouble understanding, or perhaps this document makes no sense, feel free to drop the curator a note explaining the trouble (and/or any suggestions to make it better) to jeffnik@anecho.mb.ca.

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